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When you live at the EDGE, you can feel the pulse of the city all around you. Many of the downtown’s cultural activities, hot spots and recreation areas are just a short walk or trolley hop away. And as the neighborhood continues to grow, additional shopping and dining opportunities will appear in many of the EDGE’s street level spaces. So as you can see, when you move into the EDGE, you’ll never be at a loss for things to do.


With pedestrian walkways, plazas and green spaces, the EDGE is designed for people who crave an active urban lifestyle.  This is a place where the primary mode of transportation is walking, not driving. Designated bike routes surround the area. And if you do need to travel farther than you can walk, you’re never far from a bus or trolley stop. This promotes a healthy lifestyle for you and significantly reduces the carbon emissions in the community.

In addition, the architectural styles of the buildings at the EDGE make them more energy efficient. Shared walls between homes provide better insulation from the ele